10 Unforgettable About Me Page Examples

About Me pages on websites, blogs, and social media can be dry and boring when they follow a standard format. If you want to create an unforgettable page for yourself or your company, start by checking out some of the best examples of About Me pages on the web.

Happy young man using his laptop while sitting in his kitchen Happy young man using his laptop while sitting in his kitchen

Creative Company About Us Pages

An About Us company profile can be found on almost any company’s website. This professional biography gives customers the chance to understand what a company is all about. Because they’re created by huge teams, company profiles are often among some of the best About Me page examples.


HubSpot is an inbound marketing growth platform for businesses. Their About Us company page looks innovative, clean, and well organized, everything you’d want from a company in this business. Their short mission statement takes center stage followed by curved line designs and a very clear description of what the company’s all about.

They end with a memorable quote from founder Dharmesh Shah that reads:

Success is making those who believed in you look brilliant.


Reddit is all about community engagement in conversations. Their fun About Us page features their iconic logo and mission statement front and center on a simple, yet striking background.

The conversation starts here.

They spell out exactly how to use their site and show off the founders in wacky cartoon form rather than using traditional bio photos.



Social media giant Twitter has a great About Us page that almost feels like you’re actually using their product as you learn about them. When you open the About Us page, text begins to fill in at the top of your screen spelling out the company’s purpose:

What’s happening in the world and what people are talking about right now.

Large images, a plethora of examples of everything from hashtags to actual Twitter pages, and rolling text make the whole experience feel interactive.


No children’s toy company could be complete without a fun About Us page. Toy and entertainment giant LEGO shows off kids, fun, and creativity. Large images of kids having fun take up most of the page while sparse text tells you all you need to know about LEGO’s mission.

As children shape their own worlds with LEGO bricks, we play our part in having a positive impact on the world they live in today and will inherit in the future.

The final image is a world map made of LEGO bricks to drive home their message of “building” a better world.

Interesting About Me Page Examples for Work

Some of the most interesting About Me examples for work come from individuals in creative occupational fields. These people have mastered the art of showing who they are and what they can do in short professional bios.

Author Josh Funk

Author Josh Funk doesn’t take himself too seriously in his writing or on his About Me page. He uses fun colors to highlight his book titles and shows off his quirky personality by including a fill-in-the-blanks bio.

Funk includes several quirky bios on his page, including one written by his cat:

Meow meow meow. Mew meow. Grrrr! MEOW! Mew mew meow mew meow. Me-oooooow! Mew.


Activist Malala Yousafzai

Written from the first person point of view, youth activist Malala Yousafzai’s About Me page on her Malala Fund website feels personal and fresh. She starts with a quote that sums up her mission:

I tell my story not because it is unique, but because it is the story of many girls.

The quote is followed by her signature that appears as if it’s being written as you read. Next comes a timeline review of her life filled with great photos that pop up as you scroll and highlights of her life and work.


Author/Illustrator Mo Willems

Known for his distinct, simplistic illustration style, author/illustrator Mo Willems allows creativity to take over his About Me page. The entire page is colorful and fun, featuring a cartoony self-portrait and fun plays on words. The “Did You Mo?” section is where you learn a lot of fun facts about Mo, like how he started as a writer and animator for Sesame Street.

You might even see one of his characters pop up on the screen saying:

That is a lot to MO!


Inspirational Speaker Brené Brown

Researcher, storyteller, and public speaker Brené Brown is known for her inspirational words about self-discovery, self-love, and bravery. Her About Me page feels like a look through a personal photo album to get to know Brené’s story on a more intimate level. The page opens with a faded childhood photograph and the quote:

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.

After a brief first-person bio, readers can hover over a variety of personal photographs to reveal tidbits about Brené’s personal and professional life.


Memorable About Me Examples From Blogs

About Me examples for blogs typically follow a standard format, but these creatives found ways to stand out from the sea of bloggers. While you don’t want to steal anyone else’s clever About Me ideas, they can inspire your own designs.

Side Hustle Nation

Nick Loper’s blog Side Hustle Nation helps users perfect their own side hustles. While his About Me page looks pretty standard at first glance, it’s filled with great images, concise information, and a couple fun sections. You’ll learn random facts about Nick and some of his pet peeves to keep things light and make him feel like a friend.

If you speak to me in Spanglish and/or Simpsons quotes, I’ll understand you.



An inspirational video takes center stage on the Home Statement page for Refinery29. Without reading any of the rest of the page, you get a sense of the mission from the video.

Refinery29 is the leading global media company focused on young women. We inspire, entertain, and empower our audience through optimistic and diverse storytelling, experiences, and points of view.

Large images and sparse text make up the rest of the page and lead to places you can learn more about different parts of the brand.


POPSUGAR is a happy, inspirational, female lifestyle brand and you get the message straight away on their About Me page. From the fun image of sparkling rainbows to the quick stats, you get all the information you need without having to read much at all.

Powering the new happily ever after.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a quirky content company and their About Me page screams that from the start. Their signature red color is featured first with a fun cartoon. They use concise language to sum up what they’re all about, then feature all employees in quirky cartoon drawings.

We don’t care about trends; we care about things that work or fail in actual projects.


Tips for Creating an Amazing About Me Page

Learning how to write an About Me page that captures the spirit of who you are and what you do takes time and practice. Check out great examples of personal statements to help you write your own personal statement.

About Me Page Dos

When creating your personal or company About Me page, show off what makes you special.


  • Be yourself. Originality is what makes you unforgettable.
  • Be innovative. Look for ways to display text, images, or video that are new.
  • Be concise. The more you can say in fewer words, the better.
  • Be comprehensive. Every aspect of your page should say something about you.
  • Tell your story. Your origins and background are part of what makes you unique.
  • Show and tell. Use a variety of formats to showcase who you are and what you do.

About Me Page Don’ts

Your About Me page should be unique to you, but most About Me pages should avoid a few things.


  • Use a standard format. Think outside-the-box for exciting ways to display your information.
  • Copy an idea. No matter how much you love it, copying someone else doesn’t show you as unique.
  • Present heavy text. No one wants to spend a ton of time reading an essay about you on this page.
  • Forget who you are. Forget trends. Be authentic to who you really are at all times.

Make It All About You

The key to making an unforgettable About Me page for your website, blog, or social media account is to start with a comprehensive idea. Everything from font and point of view matters when you are making an About Me page, so think of every little detail. What is unique about you that you could include in the design of your About Me page?