40 Science Puns That Will Poke at Your Funny Bone

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science pun lab of luxury
    science pun lab of luxury
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Who says science is all work and no play? Check out these short and snappy science puns for a beaker full of laughs. These hilarious puns will surely tickle your funny bone and light your fuse!

Science Puns About Chemistry

Looking to get a reaction from someone? These chemistry puns are sure to be just the right mixture!

  • We're mixing it up in the lab of luxury!
  • C'mon let's go! It's time to get up and atom.
  • Oh chemis-tree, o-chemis-tree, how lovely are thy branches.
  • This is a once in a lifetime photon opportunity.
  • Our chemistry teacher tried to tell a joke but got no reaction.
  • Can you keep a secret? My labs are sealed.
  • How does a chemist explain having a temper tantrum? Sorry, I just reached my boiling point.
  • I was boron ready to study chemistry.
  • Did you hear me? Acid I don't understand the bases.
  • Think outside the Bunsen burner.

Biology Puns for Everyone

Nature certainly provides a lot of ways to use your sense of humerus! From the human body to the great outdoors, there are plenty of options for biology puns galore!

  • What does a biologist do with a cell phone? Take cell-fies!
  • Bloom where you're planet-ed.
  • You're as molecule as a cucumber.
  • What did the ghost's blood test reveal? Hemo-goblin!
  • Watch varicose-ly or you'll miss the ...
  • These leftovers are past their cell-by date.
  • I tried to donate blood, but I chickened out. My trip to the blood bank was all in vein.
  • Do I have to cell out everything for you?
  • The river is moving flowly but surely.
  • Why did the skeleton run and hide? He was as naked as the day he was boron?

Earth/Physical Science Puns

Children start learning the basics of Earth Science in elementary school, so kiddos and grown-ups alike are likely to get a kick out of these earthy puns.

science pun earth
    science pun earth
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  • Gravity really keeps me grounded.
  • What did the teacher say to the noisy volcano? Stop being so eruptive.
  • What did the Earth say to the hikers? If you step on a crack, that's just my fault line.
  • What's a werewolf scientist's favorite activity? To spark at the moon.
  • She says it doesn't matter if I go to the party, so I guess it's just antimatter.
  • Don't go earth-quaking my heart.
  • If the fire alarm goes off, everybody jolt for the door.
  • Here's my science homework. Better light than never!
  • Watts your favorite time of year? The winter takes it all.

Physics-Related Science Puns

Physics is serious business, but there are plenty of funny punnies related to this scientific field. Lighten up the serious study of matter with some energizing one-liners.

  • It's all relativity to me.
  • I break for fission chips.
  • Electricity is charger than life.
  • Why didn't you do what I asked? I had an equal and opposite reaction.
  • How is your physics project going? It's a hot mass.
  • How are you enjoying physics class? Not sure; I'm still watt behind the ears.
  • You conduit! It's shocking how quickly joule catch on.
  • Are you enjoying advanced physics class? I've diode and gone to heaven.
  • Don't let me amp your style.
  • What does a physicist say when meditating? Ohm, ohm, ohm.
  • Physics is my favorite! I love all things wired and electri-ful.

Kilocalories, Take Me Away

There's nothing better to lighten the mood than sharing a funny pun about science or just about any other topic. Once you've chosen your favorite puns from this list, check out these awesome science idioms. Then, check out some science-related dinosaur puns. Next, review even more examples of puns. Whether you're looking for puns for kids or any other audience, there are plenty of great options to consider.