50+ Easter Puns to Get Everybunny Laughing

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easter pun eggs-travaganza
    easter pun eggs-travaganza
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Looking for some lighthearted language relevant to Easter celebrations? Whether you're crafting a caption for a social media post, looking for the perfect saying for a card or scrapbook, or searching for something funny to say, one of these Easter puns might be exactly what you need!

Bunny Puns

No list of Easter puns would be complete without a few about bunny rabbits, their habits and their favorite snacks.

  • dance with some bunny
  • every bunny loves some bunny
  • having a bad hare day
  • he's hop stuff
  • here's hopping for a hoppy ending
  • holiday hopping-ings
  • hop-timsitic for a happy Easter
  • hoppily ever after
  • hoppy easter
  • how bunny is too bunny
  • I can't ear you
  • I carrot about you
  • I'm a long-hared hippity
  • I'm all ears
  • I'm hoppy to see you
  • let's go on a trail hop
  • no hippities allowed
  • smile and be hoppy
  • some bunny loves you
  • there's a hare in my soup
  • this bunny is ear-resistible
  • twitch bunny is so cute
  • you're my best bunny

Egg and Chick Puns

Eggs and baby chicks are as closely aligned to Easter celebrations as bunnies. Consider these examples of puns.

  • chocolate is an egg-cellent confection
  • don't be so cheep cheep cheep
  • don't put all your eggs in one basket
  • don't egg-nore your feelings
  • eggs-cuse me
  • honoring family traditions is an Easter egg-acy
  • have an egg-cellent Easter
  • have an over-easy day
  • I'm dye-ing to hunt some eggs
  • I'm feeling a bit scrambled
  • it's an Easter eggs-travaganza
  • no peeps for you
  • no eggs-cuses
  • remember to eggs-ercise
  • talk is cheep
  • the best peeps are candy
  • turn off that alarm cluck
  • what a hot chick
  • wishing all my peeps a joyous Easter
  • you're my favorite peep
  • you're really cracking me up

Easter Celebration Puns

Easter celebrations are joyful and fun. They usually feature an Easter meal paired with fun Easter games and activities.

  • at the cottontail of the Easter parade
  • don't be an Easter ham
  • enjoy an Easter peck-nic
  • finishing my Easter dessert-tation
  • have an egg-stra special Easter
  • gather the family for an Easter feaster
  • moon over my Easter hammy
  • quiche me, my love
  • she's basketing in the sun
  • there's an egg-stra prize for the golden egg
  • what an egg-cellent Easter feast

Punny Easter Wisecracks

Some of the best puns are brief jokes or quips. Nothing beats a cute punny joke!

  • How do you hide a bad hare day? An Easter bonnet
  • How do you know that a rabbit is listening? It's all ears
  • What do you call a rabbit who's expecting better things ahead? A hop-timist
  • What music does the Easter bunny like best? Hip hop
  • What's the best Easter bonnet? A jelly beanie
  • What's the best Easter entertainment? Yolks, of course
  • When a rabbit builds a new burrow, what's it called? A hare-raising

Ways to Use These Bunny Punnies

These cute sayings can liven up any Easter messages, greetings or memories.

Lighthearted Easter Sayings

Easter is an important celebration with religious significance for Christians, as well as a traditional occasion for family gatherings and celebrations. No matter how you celebrate Easter, these funny puns can provide great lighthearted fun. Check out these Easter jokes for kids for even more ideas. You may also find this list of spring words to be a source of further inspiration as you work on crafting your own words for Easter activities.