Examples of Predicate Adjectives

A predicate adjective is one of many different types of adjectives. Basically, predicate adjectives modify the subject of the sentence. Simple enough, right? The only other thing to note is that these adjectives are always connected to the subject by a linking verb.

Yellow leaves falling from trees as examples of predicate adjectives Yellow leaves falling from trees as examples of predicate adjectives

Here's an example. In the sentence "The wall is purple," the subject is "wall," the predicate adjective is "purple" and the linking verb is "is." So, it's subject, verb, and predicate adjective.

Enough talking about it! Let's get right to some more examples of predicate adjectives.


Predicate Adjectives in Sentences

Note the predicate adjective in bold in each sentence below.

  • Children grow older every day.
  • The baby remains happy during her bath.
  • Her lasagna smells scrumptious.
  • Andy's sports car is Italian.
  • Bosses can be demanding.
  • His horses appear well-groomed.
  • Mount Rushmore looks amazing.
  • He seems afraid of the dog.
  • All the kittens are asleep.
  • His assignment proves difficult for him.
  • Tornadoes appear menacing.
  • My neighbors are Japanese.
  • Our music sounds uplifting.
  • Her costume is strange.
  • The director remains hopeful, in spite of bad reviews.
  • The ocean was aglow from the setting sun.
  • Traffic becomes congested after work.
  • The senator was long-winded.
  • My first impression was wrong.
  • Mary would be perfect for him.
  • My doctor seems confident about my recovery.
  • The disease is wide-spread.
  • Aspen leaves turn yellow in the fall.
  • The raft was afloat on the river.
  • The squid that washed ashore was enormous.
  • The two instruments look similar in size and color.
  • According to Jane, A Tale of Two Cities is an excellent book.
  • The road trip became horrifying.
  • All the artifacts in the museum are ancient.
  • The purchase of the black opal ring is extravagant.

Multiple Predicate Adjectives in the Same Sentence

Here are examples of two or more predicate adjectives in the same sentence:

  • Apples taste sweet and delicious.
  • After my workout, I feel powerful and energized.
  • The speaker is convincing and intelligent.
  • The flag is red, white and blue.
  • Thank goodness you are alive and well.
  • Your team was muddy, victorious and jubilant.
  • Her writing is introspective and illuminating.
  • This lemonade tastes sweet and refreshing.
  • The climate here appears idyllic and temperate.
  • The flowers were beautiful and fragrant.
  • You look healthy and fit.
  • Some football players are large, strong and agile.
  • Mario is always punctual and prepared.
  • The mountain air smells piney and clean.
  • The lumber is large and heavy.
  • When her car broke down, she felt alone and forlorn.
  • My friend's mood stayed relaxed and calm all evening.
  • The paintings are intricate and vivid.
  • The blanket feels soft and warm.
  • The weather for tomorrow will be hot and windy.
  • Jupiter is massive and gaseous.
  • This dish tastes spicy, hot and delicious.
  • After some time, this work becomes tedious and boring.
  • His stand-up routine proved funny and thought-provoking.
  • For eons, these mountains have remained majestic and impressive.
  • Our sun is fiery, explosive and life-giving.
  • The crime is puzzling and strange.
  • I think the house is well-built and affordable.
  • Finally, all the laundry is washed, dried and folded.
  • The ballerina is lithe and graceful.

For a more in-depth study on these interesting adjectives, take a look at this article on predicate adjectives. It covers all the components related to predicate adjectives, including subjects and linking verbs.