What Are Examples of Science Idioms?

Have you been wondering what are examples of science idioms? Well, wonder no longer. We’ve got you covered with a healthy list of these expressions. For example, a good example of a science-related idiom would be “to have something down to a science,” or totally understood and well-managed.

Let’s see what other idioms related to science there are that add a touch of chemistry to the English language.

Science Idioms

Since science is such a broad field – you’ve got biology, chemistry, physics, geology, zoology, and more – the opportunities for idioms abound.

Here are some examples we hope you’ll enjoy:

  • Acid test - a conclusive test to establish quality
  • At boiling point - reached one’s limit in patience or temper
  • Bells and whistles - all the features of a product plus extra
  • Bent out of shape - needlessly stressed or worried about something
  • Blind with science - confuse with highly technical language
  • Blow a fuse - get very angry
  • Cog in the machine - a person or thing that is part of a larger system
  • Cutting edge - advanced and innovative
  • Fire on all cylinders - everything is working well
  • Get your wires crossed - being confused or not understanding someone
  • In layman’s terms - describe something technical or complex in a simple way
  • It’s not rocket science - easy to do or understand
  • Know what makes someone tick - know what motivates someone
  • Light years ahead - out in front with new developments or successes
  • On another planet - not paying attention, acting strangely
  • On the same wavelength - to have the same ideas and opinions
  • Out of this world - extraordinary, very impressive
  • Reinvent the wheel - do something that’s already been done in an effective way
  • Run out of steam - lose motivation or enthusiasm
  • Silver surfer - an older person who knows how to use the internet
  • Sputnik moment - when you realize you need to work harder to catch up
  • The bottom line - key or essential information
  • Up and running - ready for use
  • Well-oiled machine - anything that functions as it should

Since science also includes a study of animals and food, let’s take a look at few idioms that touch upon these elements:

  • Apple of my eye - a person whom is loved
  • Bull-headed - inflexible or stubborn
  • Change horses in midstream - make different plans after starting something
  • Cry wolf - a false alarm
  • Eat crow - admit you were wrong
  • Hot potato - a controversial issue

Like science, nature works well with many literary tools and onomatopoeias lend themselves well to nature’s sounds and are fun to use in writing and speech.

For as long as people put pen to paper, phrases related to science and nature will be a great tool to help us express our feelings. We hope these idiomatic expressions will help your writing fire on all cylinders. You can also take a look at some Funny Quotes About Science to add fuel to your fire.

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